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English Fun Day

The targets of P.5 English Fun Day, My Dream School Uniform are:

  1. To discuss and design a new school uniform in groups
  2. To use and learn the sentences and vocabulary in Unit 3
  3. To develop presentation skills by demonstrating and sharing their works





The 22nd Hong Kong School Chinese and English Penmanship Competition (In-school result)

Champion 2C Chung Hiu Ching
1st runner-up 2C Lau Chung Long
2nd runner-up 2B Choi Wing Shan
Champion 4B Poon Cheuk Lam
1st runner-up 4A Li Ching Hei
2nd runner-up 3C Hui Man Lam
Champion 6A Choi Tsz King Audery
1st runner-up 5A Wu Tze Yiu
2nd runner-up 6A Li Lok Yu